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See what a hotel ballroom can do!

If you have a lot of out of town wedding guests and prefer to go the all-inclusive route when it comes to reception planning, a hotel is your best bet for a wedding venue. And there's something magical about a well appointed hotel ballroom.

Bridal Beauty is more than skin deep

Every bride thinks about how beautiful she wants to look on her wedding day. But bridal beauty really is more than skin deep. To prepare your skin to look its best, it's important to know what beauty products can - and can't do - for you. 

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August 29 - 31. With classic designs, detailed beading, limitless custom options - and incredibly affordable prices, Casablanca is a bridal favorite. Purchase your Casablanca gown at Ellie's Bridal Boutique during this trunk show and save an additional 10%.

August 30. 4 - 7pm. Alexandria. Don't get caught with two left feet on your wedding day - take some dance lessons!