Do you have an appointment?

Walk-ins are often welcome at bridal salons (unless it's a busy Saturday) - but an appointment surely helps when it comes to shopping for a gown. I asked Miriam Liggett, owner of Soliloquy Bridal Couture why ...

Searching for a bridal gown can be a part-time job and a full-time obsession.  While making an appointment to try on gowns may seem like a hassle, bridal shop owners who require them do so because it respects the bride and ensures she gets the attention - and dressing room - needed to make this important selection.  Having a dedicated consultant is also necessary. Bridal gowns are constructed differently and generally require assistance in the fitting room.  And feedback from a trained professional is priceless.

Appointments are generally time-limited to allow for shoppers to be accommodated. It’s important to arrive on time - call if you are running late to be sure that the consultant will still have time to see you.  If you have invited family and friends to join you, let them know that they must be punctual too.  And, if the salon has not done so, confirm your appointment. 

Miriam Liggett, owner of Soliloquy Bridal Couture, assists a bridal client. 

Miriam Liggett, owner of Soliloquy Bridal Couture, assists a bridal client. 

Scheduling an appointment at your lunch hour is fine if you have a rather routine schedule.  However, if your work day is consumed by conference calls that run overtime and meetings scheduled at a moment’s notice, then you should reserve the weekends for your bridal shopping.  It is highly unlikely that you will find your dress when you only have forty-five minutes to shop.  Bridal shopping requires a clear head and relaxed spirit so you can truly envision your wedding day look. 

Allow enough time between appointments.  Better yet, schedule appointments at each bridal shop for different days.  When you pack too many appointments in one day, it feels like you are cramming for a mid-term exam.  Feeling rushed leads to poor decisions all-around.  You could be leaving the perfect dress behind just because you are trying to get to the next appointment.

While family and friends provide great support, too many opinions are just confusing.  Sometimes they discourage a bride from making any decision at all.  Select your support team carefully.   Respect the guidelines of bridal salons that limit the number of people who shop with you.   And while brutal honesty seems admirable, you have to be certain of the motives behind the comments. 

If you must cancel your appointment, please call immediately - preferably 24 hours ahead of your scheduled time.   Bridal shops schedule employees based on appointments, and they may be managing a waiting list of potential customers.  And it’s simply poor manners to be a no-show.  Consider how you would feel if someone sent an affirmative RSVP and then did not show up for your wedding.

Having someone dedicated to assisting you in finding your perfect gown will make your shopping experience productive and enjoyable!

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