It’s all in the Details – one photographer’s perspective

Photographers are detailed-oriented by nature. It’s those little things that make big memories. I was recently chatting with Abram Landes, owner of AE Landes Photography, about the importance of capturing what’s really behind all the wedding details. Here’s his perspective …

As a wedding photographer, one of the things I pay attention to during the big day are “The Details”. Traditionally, the details (little “d") are the decisions that my couples make for their centerpieces, the flatware, the way the bouquets are wrapped, the crazy pattern of the groom’s socks, and so on. Most of these things should be photographed to round out the wedding photography collection. But I am talking more about The Details of the couples themselves, and figuring out how all those Details add up to the wedding day experience for both the newlyweds and their guests.

Without totally going off into the bushes, I have a few examples, including my own wedding day. We agonized over finding the right flatware and plates for our wedding. We spent so much time finding a style that looked great, was easy to use, matched our colors… and was compostable. That’s right, we wanted compostable flatware and plates, with hard-pressed bamboo being the perfect material. Not only was clean up was super fast and easy, it was more economical compared to plate service, and most importantly, it reflected our concern about our impact on the environment, which carries through into our lives outside of the wedding. A small Detail for sure, but certainly something that reflected who we are as people.

Capturing color can often provide The Details for telling a couple’s love story. Andrea and Nate’s wedding, held at a Baltimore museum, was vibrant with colored spotlights and a ceremony site filled with flowers and vines, emphasizing their shared love of strong design and color. One of my favorite wedding day portraits was of Andrea in a dress that unabashedly showed off her gorgeous tattoos. After I finished the photo session with the couple, I knew I had something special in those images, something that went beyond my normal work that illustrated who they actually are – and not just on the wedding day. That decision to show the ink pointed to her personality and theme of their wedding, and I found it incredibly important to make the best image of that Detail.

Courtney and Jonathan’s Wedding (and Abram’s Moment of Learning) was a few years ago before I started to realize the importance of the Details, and how they communicate memories and couple’s personalities. We had an excellent day out together for this countryside wedding, with everything going as expected. However, when I delivered the photographs, the bride asked, “Did you get any shots of my bouquet handle? I had a small piece of my grandmother’s dress wrapped in it.” I had shots of the bouquet, but sadly, none of the handle, which embodied her grandmother’s presence on the wedding day. Family was incredibly important to Courtney, and even though it was a simple miscommunication, I missed capturing that Detail for them. I keep this experience close when I am working, and always ask my couples if there is an important Detail like this that I may overlook.

The Details in your wedding not only create the atmosphere and experience for your guests. When you look over your wedding photographs, you should see bits and pieces of yourselves all over the images. They should create a full story of not just the wedding day, but the greater story about you, your journey to the wedding day, and your relationships with family and friends. Don’t hesitate to ask or remind your photographer about those capturing those things throughout the day.

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