Glass Box Bridal Session | Real Brides & Weddings

Jennifer's bridal portraits were taken the day of her wedding. We are so in love with these mixed bridesmaids dresses and heels! Here are some details from the bride herself:

How did you meet? Tinder! At the time he worked a Friday-Tuesday schedule and I worked at a college restaurant and bar that ran a dollar taco special on Tuesdays. Coincidentally, we both always had Wednesdays off. We talked for a bit about our jobs and hometowns and families and a lot about my finishing school and how exhausting that was. One Tuesday night he asked me to bring him dollar tacos and I thought "Absolutely not. The last thing I want to do is talk about taco night with this guy," and I blew him off for weeks! In a combination of fate, I ended up near his hometown the week after my graduation, so I sent him a message saying I had graduated and was in his hometown! Luckily, he responded even after weeks of my cold shoulder and asked me on a date the following Wednesday. We went on our second one soon after and within 2 weeks we were "official" if you will. The rest is history.

What was your favorite moment of the wedding? I had a few, but top of the list has to be getting to the altar and John whispering "You really look beautiful." Our first dance and our paint ceremony and all the laughs that came with both also are near the top of the list.How did you know he was the one? I never questioned it. I knew in under a week that I'd be the luckiest woman alive if I could spend my life with him. He was tall and handsome, he had a work ethic to match mine which was hard to come by, and he supported my every move from day one. I also thought then and still think now that he'd go to the end of the earth to make me happy, and I'd do the same for him. Knowing that we want the best for each other in every sense helps me to know that this love will be unending.

What are your tips for future brides? Things WILL go wrong! (especially if you choose the DIY without a planner route!) Your sweet dog will eat one of your wedding earrings the week of the wedding and you'll have to overnight some from Amazon. Your caterer will accidentally forget to bring out the doughnuts for dessert and you will leave your groomsmen's boutonnieres at home the day of the wedding. NO ONE but you will notice a single one of these things.

Instead they will notice the way you glow when you finally see your groom and that your groom who swore he wouldn't cry had to wipe away tears as soon as the doors opened. They will notice how gorgeous your bridal party and both of your mothers look, they will notice the way you laugh during your first dance and they will love every moment of it, with or without doughnuts at the end. The goal is to show up and get married, not to impress the guests with all the details in the world. If you show up and he shows up and someone marries you, the day was a success.


Photographer:  Johanna Dye Photography//Event Venue: The Glass Box