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Get Involved Grooms

Image Courtesy of Amy’s Bridal Boutique As the cost of weddings rise, as well as the age of today’s bride and groom, many couples find themselves sharing the cost of their wedding, with little to no help from their parents. Although there are benefits in being able to make the wedding completely unique, along with showcasing …

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Wedding Cakes with Style

By Emily Yu Wedding cakes are a centerpiece for the reception — they balance a bridal couple’s style, palette, theme and creativity. And couples are now mixing tradition with contemporary elements to create unique designs. Here are some helpful tips when choosing your wedding cake. Find your comfort zone: It’s important to be comfortable with your wedding …

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Social Media Wediquette

By Amanda Causey Baity Social media is embedded in our day-to-day life; in fact, for most of us, social media facilitates the majority of our daily interactions with others. We use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay in touch, share updates and celebrate milestones; it’s only natural that social media …

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.wed: Wedding Websites & Domain Names

It seems almost second nature to want to create a wedding website. You can share your love story, post your engagement session photos, keep your guests in the loop and drop not-so-subtle hints about your gift registry. And your website provides a great icebreaker for bridal party members who haven’t met yet. “How to build a …

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Wedding Word Glossary

ARBOR: An arch of branches, vines and/or flowers that the bride and groom stand under to say their vows. Also sometimes called a “wedding arch.” BUSTLE: Fastening the wedding dress in back to lift the train off the ground. This is usually done for the reception to allow the bride to move …

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Girl for all Seasons

Perhaps the biggest decision you’ll make in regards to your wedding – besides the engagement itself, of course – is your venue. By locking down a location, you’re also making a final selection on your date, and therefore, your wedding season, which is a huge step toward hosting your nuptials. As with all aspects of your …

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