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Luxurious Lashes that Last

Give your eyes a boost for your big day with these glamorous false lashes by Christian Abouhaidar. The classic false eyelash has had a makeover, make-up artists and glamour fans alike will be amazed by the new handcrafted false eyelashes from one of the most exciting make-up artists of this …

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2941 Restaurant: A Romantic and Symbolic Setting for Weddings

By Helena Tavares Kennedy | Photos Provided by 2941 Restaurant With over 100 weddings per year, you can understand why 2941 Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Falls Church, needs a large and helpful staff to serve guests. Ideal for celebrating special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or corporate parties, it’s …

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Special Vineyard Wedding | Real Brides & Weddings

Everyone at this special vineyard wedding in Newport, Rhode Island learned just how beautiful Michele and Gordon are as human beings. Their love and intimate connection left a major imprint on everyone’s hearts that day and forever. DETAILS Photographer:  Dual Edge Photography//Personal Stylist:Melissa Babbitt//Jewelry:Baxter’s//Other Location: Greenvale Vineyards//Band: Malloi//Caterer: Pranzi Catering …

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