Once Upon A Time Events

Once Upon A Time…..A beautiful Bride and her handsome and charming Groom decided to take a stroll through An Enchanted Garden. Hand in hand through the Enchanted Garden they came upon a flock of villagers greeting them with such delight. While the introductions were made it was very apparent that each one of these villagers had something to offer the beautiful and charming couple.One spoke of taking their photo, another villager asked to bake them a cake, while another wanted to play them music…They enjoyed this attention and continued to feast upon the many splendors of the villagers wanting to help them with all of their magical plans….suddenly they were whisked off in a beauty horse drawn carriage (actually a gas driven limousine).…The EndBrides & Grooms we pride ourselves in bringing you the very best when planning your special day, so let our wedding professionals help you with the planning under one roof in one day.


More info: https://www.onceuponatime.events/events/an-enchanted-garden-wedding-showcase/