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Five Common Trip-Planning Mistakes

There are so many variables involved when it comes to vacation planning, from plane
tickets and hotel reservations to meals and entertainment. Self-planned
journeys often go off track or way over budget. Here are five planning pitfalls to avoid:

#1 Sticking to Set Dates: Airlines and hotels
know when people travel most, so they typically raise their prices
accordingly. You can save hundreds of dollars by being flexible with
your travel dates.

#2 Ignoring the Fine Print: The internet is
filled with incredible travel deals that seem too good to be true.
Before hitting that “Buy Now” button, take a moment to question how this
company can possibly afford to sell their product for such a low price.
The answer is usually in the fine print, where that low price comes
with a slew of restrictions that will definitely damper your vacation.

#3 Forgetting to Breathe: Many travelers return
from a vacation exhausted due to over-planning. To get in all the
must-see sights, they race from dawn to
dusk, never stopping to soak it all in. It’s okay to miss a few,
as long as you take time to enjoy the ones you do see. Spend a couple of extra days at your destination, or
arrive at the embarkation port a day or two early, to give you added time to breathe.

#4 Stuffing the Bags: Some globetrotters cram
all their items into one carry-on bag, thinking it saves time and
reduces baggage fees. But after a week away – a week spent
shopping – those travelers suddenly have no place to pack their
newly-purchased items, so they have to buy another bag or suitcase.
Moral of the story: always pack with room to spare – 99%
of the time, you return home with more items than you left with.
#5 Picking the Wrong Season: Every destination has a
perfect time of the year to visit – and not to visit. Under the “not to
visit” times are those seasons that are too hot, too cold, too crowded
or too expensive. Know before you go.

A great travel professional saves you time, stress and money. And remember, there’s no charge for their expertise. To schedule your consultation with Lori at Power Trips, call 703.754.7509 or email her. 

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