Choosing a Child Friendly Venue

 Are children part of your guest list? Or perhaps you have out of town guests who need on-site event childcare?  Lisa Werth, Owner of Nannytainment, offers these questions for your consideration when it comes to your reception venue:

1. Does the venue have enough room for children to move around, play, and possibly run – both inside and out?

2. What types of water are on the property and can children get into them with tragic consequences?

3. With inside child care, what is the fire escape access?

4. In a semi-private space (such as a restaurant), is there a lot of foot traffic nearby? Can unauthorized individuals be kept from the area?

5.  If it’s an outdoor space, how close are vehicles, driveways, and parking lots?

6. Is the childcare space on a lawn? Any chemicals used? Is it flat and level or hilly with holes? If the space is near decks or balconies, can children crawl between or over railings? Or walk off a patio in any direction?

7. Are the designated spaces near bathrooms and drinking fountains? Near open stairways or an elevator?

8. What is the flooring and is it slippery? Is it swept or vacuumed before use to insure there are no small objects for children to accidentally swallow? What is the wall treatment and is there artwork? Are there glass walls and patio doors? How’s the lighting – is there enough and can it be easily adjusted?

9. Are there breakable objects within the reach of children? Mirrors? Windows that can’t be locked? Are there any sharp corners to the furniture? Cords? Stacked furniture?

10. Are cribs, high chairs, booster seats, or child size tables and chairs available?

11. What is the air quality like? Is it smoke free? Is there central heating and cooling?

12. Are there animals, domestic or wild, on the property? Any that could scratch or bite? Are they contained?

 Nannytainment’s caregivers are insured, verified, certified and trained for weddings. To learn more about their services, call 703.201.2778.

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