It’s Prime Time for Historic Rosemont Manor

Historic Rosemont Manor gained national exposure recently by serving as a location in the November 1st episode of “Undercover Boss” on CBS. This segment featured Alfred Angelo CEO Paul Quentel.  

The storyline followed Quentel as he went undercover at some of the Alfred Angelo stores to observe the company’s employees in action. The dramatic “reveal” scene at the end of the episode, when employees find out Quentel’s true identity, was filmed at the Berryville, VA historic property. 

The filming was a secret that the Rosemont staff had to keep under wraps for several months while the show was in post-production. Staff members were prohibited from discussing the filming and the content of the episode. “Everyone understood that to maintain the element of surprise that is inherent to the show,” explains Suzanne Pearson, Director of Communications at Rosemont, “we couldn’t let anyone know about the filming until the episode aired.” 

To see the episode, visit the CBS website.

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