Should you use a digital DJ?

In this age of DIY weddings, it’s good to get the pros and cons before you decide to take on a task yourself – or trust a non-professional. I asked Joe Peralis, Owner of Fire Dog DJ’s, to comment on using a digital DJ for your reception …

The iPad DJ is a point of contention among professional disc jockeys. Mobile Beat, a trade industry magazine, just had an article on this subject. It’s important to talk about the age of the digital DJ – there are so many devices that make it so almost anyone can run a party.

With the use of IPads or laptops, the movement to being a digital DJ is on the rise. Technology allows for small profiles and speed of setup. No longer do we need to carry crates of music as records or CD’s – we can truly have thousands of songs right at our fingertips.

Companies are catering to the use of iPads or iPhones to DJ. I see more products, such as mixers that accept your iPod, speakers that fit an iPad, tons of apps catering to the mobile device DJ, and even more wireless capability. This technology creates a sense of empowerment, as you can now walk into your local big box electronics store and walk out, at least in theory, a DJ.

What you need to know BEFORE you choose an iPod/iPad for your next event:

As is often the case, some things become trendy with little thought to practical implementation. The idea of a DIY DJ is fraught with peril.  A great event is more than simply gear and music. – it’s the talent a qualified professional brings that matters most.

A professional DJ provides a smooth flow to your event, with no embarrassing surprises. A professional DJ gives you confidence that your event will be one that you and your guests will never forget. A versatile DJ listens to your suggestions, gives you feedback and plays from your desired song list – and accepts that you may not want certain songs played as well. 

Communication is key when it comes to your musical preferences and entertainment needs. Not only will a professional DJ provide the music you desire, he/she – unlike an iPod – will assist you with coordinating the flow of your reception and emcee your event. Professionals disc jockeys have backup plans in case of illness, accident or equipment malfunction. Do you really want your special occasion marred because your iPad/iPod didn’t work or have the right songs loaded?

Good points, Joe. This is more than a party – it’s your wedding reception! Put your trust in an entertainment professional. To learn more about Fire Dog DJ’s, visit their website or call 703.623.7786.

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