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Great gift ideas for your bridesmaids – and you!

If you purchased your wedding gown at one of the local bridal salons in Northern Virginia, you may have been referred to Trousseau Ltd. for what to put under that gown. But Trousseau is more than just a lovely lingerie boutique – there are some wonderful items that make great gifts for your bridesmaids – and for you!

PJ set & robe by In Bloom by Jonquil: This poly-satin PJ top and tap pant are trimmed in blue with the word “bride” embroidered on the pocket – a cute alternative to a sexy nightie. There’s also a robe to complete the look. All items are 100% washable – and reasonably priced, so add these to your bridal shower “wish list”.

Appliques: Whether they are for your shoes or your body, appliques are a great way to add a little whimsy and bling to your bridal style. Classy Bride offers the “I Do” shoe applique in blue rhinestones. This company also makes rib knit tanks, declaring your status in crystals.

Another form of applique is skin jewelry – temporary tattoos that last about three days. Trousseau offers a wide selection of delicately designed skin jewelry called the Jardin Secret Collection by Ines de Castilho of Paris.

To complete your bridal accessories, add a beautiful wedding day scent from the Tocca line of perfumes. Their bath and body products also make wonderful bridesmaids gifts.

Trousseau carries an extensive array of soaps. Toss a handful of soap petals from Gianna Rose into your Jacuzzi bath tub on your wedding night or add them to a soap dish for the powder room at your reception venue. Gianna Rose also has some adorable soap collections featuring Scotties, Westies and cute little pigs for your animal-loving special guests and attendants, as well as delicately scented lemon and pear-shaped soaps. Or consider giving your maids Bath Bees made of Royal Jelly, known for their vitamin properties.

For the beach bound bride, Trousseau has a soap ensemble from Gianna Rose called Tresors des Mers, or “three from the sea”. This collection features three beautifully carved sea shell soaps nestled in an abalone shell, making a great decor item or gift. And to round out your beach wedding attire for you and your maids, be sure to try on the jewelry line by Elly Preston.

Trousseau is located at 306 Maple Avenue West in Vienna. To learn more about their beautiful lingerie and gifts, visit their website.

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