New look, menus & wedding specialist at Chantilly National

“The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.” ― Jean Anthelme Brillat-SavarinThe Physiology of Taste

When it comes to reception planning, Chantilly National Golf & Country Club‘s New Private Events Director Samantha Campanaro is all about the food. “Menus are a passion of mine,” says Samantha. “You can say a lot with the food you serve your guests. And you shouldn’t be afraid to make a statement, even if you are being conscious of a vegan or gluten free diet for those who might be in the crowd.”

Chantilly National's new Private Events Director
Chantilly National’s new Private Events Director “Sam” Campanaro

Like many wedding professionals, Sam started by planning events for family members. “Most of my wedding planning experience comes from helping with family weddings,” explains Sam. “I’ve guided my cousins, friends and sisters through planning their weddings, even providing instructions to the caterer for a couple of them while in a bridesmaids dress!”

Samantha’s background in hospitality includes handling galas and functions at the Kennedy Center and Smithsonian Institution as well as corporate events at Capital One’s headquarters in McLean. She loves carrying themes throughout her events, whether it’s Finland, baseball or organic food – and yes, those are just three themes from events she has planned!

The key to Sam’s event planning success – organization. “Stay organized! And your planner or caterer should be organized too,” Sam says. “You can tell if someone has their stuff together and really cares, if they are concerned with the details, take notes and can recall the items you discussed and finalized in your last meeting.”

Sam is not the only change for Chantilly National, located just off I-66 near Route 28. The venue is being remodeled and expanded to give up to 250 guests great views of the golf course. New menus, new look, and a new event specialist make a winning combination for your wedding reception. To learn more about the club and to discuss your ideas with Sam, call 703.631.9560 or email

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