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Are you in “Dance Denial”?

Are you in “dance denial”? That’s what Deborah Joy Block, owner of The Wedding Dance Specialists, calls couples who don’t think about their moment in the spotlight on their wedding day – until they realize that without some preparation, they’ll be all dressed up with no place to go when all eyes are on them on the dance floor.  Do you really want to do the “prom sway”? Deborah has some compelling reasons for making dance lessons part of your wedding planning.

Deborah Joy Block, industry expert and owner of The Wedding Dance Specialists.
Deborah Joy Block, industry expert and owner of The Wedding Dance Specialists.

“The spotlight dances are the most sacred rituals of the reception,” says Deborah. “You express and experience your unity as a couple – and you’ll impress your guests.” These moments on the dance floor will also provide great photo and video opportunities. And – at least on the dance floor, say Deborah, “The man is always the boss. You’ll be her Prince Charming. And dance lessons will help you avoid embarrassment – and her feet!”

Dance lessons make a great date night. And burning off some steam on the dance floor helps relieve the stress that inevitably comes with wedding planning. Dancing is a useful and fun skill, says Deborah. And it gives you bonus points in the romance department as well.

Deborah and her husband Brian founded The Wedding Dance Specialists in 2000 when they were preparing for their own first dance as newlyweds. She is considered a national expert on the wedding dance industry. She has combined an extensive compilation of first dance song suggestions, complete with dance styles and audio links on her website. Her company offers “wedding dance bootcamps” as well as private lessons. To learn more about The Wedding Dance Specialists, call 703.626.7016 or email info@theweddingdancespecialists.com.

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