Don’t get stuck with your Pins

What bride doesn’t love Pinterest? It’s such a great source for wedding inspiration, so be sure to check out our Pinterest Page.

But sometimes things can go astray and you end up pinning a mish-mash of ideas. Amanda Smith, owner of White Pumpkin Wedding Design & Coordination, has some great tips on how to plan with Pinterest … read on!

“Dear Pinterest, how did I know what to make for dinner before you came into my life?”

Pinterest has brought new recipes, the latest fashions, and interior design ideas to our fingertips. Before the miracle of Pinterest, when you wanted a new hair style you would go to magazines and clip out images for your hairstylist. Pinterest has saved our knees and backs from hours of squatting in front of a magazine rack. So how do you use Pinterest effectively to plan your wedding? Consider our “case study couple”:

Casey & Jordan enjoy traveling and entertaining friends at home with game nights. They aren’t sure if they want an “exploring the world together” or a “whimsical fun night” theme. To begin their concept, they first answer questions provided by their wedding planner about what restaurants they enjoy; places they like to shop for home goods, and blogs and magazines they frequently read. The planner uses their answers to develop one travel and one fun night thumbnail Pinterest board. Seeing the two boards side by side allows the couple to zero in on the theme that will work best for their wedding.

So how will Casey & Jordan pin a dream wedding – and make it a realistic one at the same time?  The groundwork has been laid with the thumbnail boards which include site ideas, color pallets, and simple flower choices. The couple, along with their planner, will make selective pins to expand on these ideas which will help guide their caterer and florist.

Remember, styled shoots where the florist, event designer and venue have pulled out all the stops can easily suck you in. If a specific detail from a photo cannot be identified as the attraction, it is not pinned. Frequent edits are made to the board. Yes, those chalk board signs are super cute, but your wedding is glitzy glam not rustic – delete! 

Editing the boards will show Casey & Jordan repeating patterns. In these repeating patterns a particular flower type will emerge or they will see that table runners are a “must have” for their décor. And small details (such as cute charms for the bridesmaids) that may have gotten clouded over by too many “Well that’s pretty pins,” will stay top of mind. 

Great advice, Amanda! And thanks for letting us share some of your images for this article. To learn more about Amanda’s wedding design and coordination services, call 703.786.3624.



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