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The seasons of your skin

Is your skin feeling a bit tired after the sun and fun of summer? Kathie Conn, master esthetician and owner of Skin Sense, knows all about the seasons of the skin. Read on for solutions and have beautiful skin all year long …

Kathie Conn of Skin Sense is a Master Esthetician
Kathie Conn of Skin Sense is a Master Esthetician

Plans for weddings, parties, birthdays, moving, dieting and vacations are all determined by the seasons. Even our wardrobe decisions are based on them. As the wheel of the seasons begins to turn, it also affects the skin’s function. Yes, there are seasons of the skin!

There are close links between the condition of the skin and changes in the weather. Here are some of the more common skin issues found throughout the seasons and how they can be corrected:

Fall: Dry skin, flaking, wrinkles and fine lines, as well as pigmentation issues and a blotchy complexion are sign of “tired skin”.

The Solution: Be the gal with the “glow” with deep exfoliations, hydration serums designed to brighten skin tone and pigmentation correction products.  

Winter: This is the season of “fragile skin” where you can experience sensitive epidermis. Common issues are redness, loss of suppleness, wrinkles/fine lines and a dull, lackluster complexion.

The Solution: Protect your skin from the sun and cold of Old Man Winter and use high percentage SPF moisturizers, anti-redness serums, deep hydration and occluding skin barriers with moisturizers. (Skin occlusion occurs when something, usually a topical medication, is trapped on and, as a result, gets absorbed by your skin.)

Spring: Unbalanced skin leads to roughness, blemishes, skin loaded with toxins, as well as hyper-seborrhea (oily skin) and dilated pores. 

The Solution: Time for a facial spring cleaning! Treatments to balance the skin include light lifting peels to restore skin vitality and PH, as well as reduce dull skin and tough texture.

Summer: Dehydrated skin which can develop wrinkles and fine lines. There is also thickening of the outer layer of skin.

The Solution:  For “plump” and healthy skin, try peptides, serums and moisturizing SPF to hydrate and protect. Sunscreen is your friend!

If you experience any of the above conditions in your skin during the year, working with a licensed Master Esthetician can provide a course of action for correcting your seasonal skin concerns. Make an appointment for a comprehensive personal treatment strategy and get a program designed just for you. Knowledge is power!

Get your glow on for your wedding day! To schedule a consultation with Kathie, call 703.283.5172 or email her.

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