.WED launches crowd funding for Super Bowl campaign

Until recently, a cumbersome domain name was the biggest drawback to a wedding website. But now personalized names are available with the domain name of “.wed”.

Adrienne McAdory, a Washington DC military contractor, secured this top-level domain name through the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers with a lengthy application process and a hefty fee. In 2013 she learned that she had won the rights to .wed and launched her business vision. In May of 2014, .WED went live.

To spread the word about .WED, Adrienne and her company Atgron have launched a crowd funding campaign on indiegogo. The commercial was shot at Foxchase Manor in Manassas and features a cast of local wedding professionals. Adrienne’s goal is to raise enough capital for an ad on the Super Bowl.

“Lots of engaged couples want their own wedding websites, but the addresses they want aren’t available because other couples are already parked on them,” says Adrienne. Through the .wed domain, a couple can purchase an inexpensive address (like mikeandmary.com) for two years. “Long enough to see them married,” she explains.

Once the two years are up, the URL’s price increases dramatically. The reason, says Adrienne, is to basically price the current couple out, leaving the address open for a new Mike and Mary. It’s fairly simple to “mask” the long URL provided by your wedding website host with your vanity domain name – and it’s a lot easier for your guests to remember.

To check the availability of your personalized domain name, visit www.get.wed.

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