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I’ve always said a knowledgeable wedding planner will save you time, stress and, in the long run, money. Event planner Michelle Whyte, owner of Ambiance Special Events, is now publishing a newsletter loaded with helpful tips for staying on track with your wedding budget. For less than $10 a month, you’ll learn:

  • How To Set and Understand Your Wedding Budget
  • Most Common Wedding Financial Pitfalls
  • Financial Tips To Help Maximize Your Wedding Budget
  • Financial Advice To Start Your Marriage
  • What Questions To Ask Your Vendors
  • Money Saving Tips & Alternative

And you also get insider interviews with local wedding pros,  receive planning guidance, and be kept in the loop on wedding-related events. 

Get a feel for the kind of helpful advice Michelle offers –  check out her budget article in the latest issue of Brides & Weddings of Northern Virginia. And to learn more about subscribing to her newsletter, click here.

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