Should I hire a planner?

Did you know that the #1 regret most brides have AFTER the wedding day is that they didn’t have a planner – or at least a “day of” (which is more like a “month of’) coordinator. Virginia Fernandez-Swope, owner of Stylish Planning by VFS, has put together some good reasons why you should hire a planner … be sure to check out her blog for more great posts.

Meet Virginia Fernandez-Swope. A Warrenton wedding planner specializing in multi-cultural and Latin weddings.
Meet Virginia Fernandez-Swope. A Warrenton wedding planner specializing in multi-cultural and Latin weddings.

I know there are so many posts explaining why you should hire a wedding planner but I think that it´s really simple: planning weddings is our job!  

While planning weddings is our primary daily activity, for you it’s probably your first time. You may not realize all the things that you need to consider and how time consuming this can be. You’re probably thinking that you can do it, and yes maybe you can. But what you pay for when you hire a planner is the convenience of having an experienced professional worry about the details. Here are just a few things wedding planners do:

 ·         We manage your budget and help you set a realistic one.

·         We have the relationships with vendors. We know which ones are in your price range and which are reliable (or not), so you don’t waste endless emails and hours on the computer trying to figure out which ones to hire.

·         We know where the best venues are according your size, budget and vision.

A planner will help with all of the above – plus you’ll have someone on site the day of the wedding. Having someone to execute your wedding plans is a necessity. At the very least, consider hiring a coordinator for the final month to help with the last minute details and to be on site at the wedding to take care of all the logistics.

My dear friend Cindie Reinhold of Brides and Weddings of Northern Virginia says, “Planners save you from doing stupid stuff.” Think about it this way: When you want to buy a house, what do you do? You look for a realtor. You explain what you want, what your budget is and this person looks for the right match for you.  

Well, wedding planners do the same. We sit with you to analyze your budget, study your priorities, help you to find the perfect match for your vendors and make the right decisions. A wedding can cost the same as a down payment for a house – so why you don’t hire a professional to plan it!

From the Editor: Virginia specializes in multi-cultural and Latin weddings. To schedule a complimentary consultation with her (a $250 value) call 703-347-3013 or email her.


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