3 Great Tips from a Planning Pro

Johanna Goossens, owner of Simplicty Events by Johanna.
Johanna Goossens, owner of Simplicty Events by Johanna.

I was having a chat with Johanna Goossens, owner of Simplicity Event by Johanna, and asked her to pass along three pieces of advice for engaged couples. And Fall couples – if you’re getting mired down in your wedding details, consider hiring a professional event planner. Johanna has a few dates left (see below). A professional planner saves time, money (yes – they help you negotiate with vendors and guide you in hiring the right professionals) and stress (and you can’t put a price on that). Read on!

1) Make sure you have a full list of your wedding guests with contact information.  That means their full names as they would appear on an invitation, their addresses and even their phone numbers.  Why the phone number?  Because in these times, you often have to track down late RSVPs.  So if your valued guest does not RSVP on time, you will probably have to give them a quick call to confirm their attendance.  If so, it will make your life easier to have their phone number readily available.  

2) Make yourself a wedding website.  There are plenty of free wedding websites out there, so it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.  And it is a great way to communicate detailed information about the wedding.  You can list your hotel accommodations, along with a link to the hotel reservations right on the website.  Or if you are having a strictly outdoor wedding, you can let your guest know to wear comfy wedges, not their 5 inch stilettos.  You can even let them know if you are providing transportation to and from the venue. (Editor’s Note: Check out .Wed and get a customized domain name to replace the long-winded URL you got from your free website. It will look so much nicer on your Save the Date.)

3) Get your vendors lined up!  Even if you don’t know the final details of how many centerpieces you will need, your playlist or your final menu, get all of your vendors lined up so that you can feel confident that you have your wedding day “team” in place!

And if all of this sounds overwhelming, get yourself an experienced planner to help you get through the next six months with dignity and grace.  Simplicity Events has the following fall openings for the weekends of: September 24, October 1, October 8 and October 15.  Let Johanna and her team be your wedding planning guides! To learn more about Simplicity Events, call (703) 398-7617 or email Johanna.


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