Wedding Planning: A Personal Interview is a MUST

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The single most important fact in selecting vendors for your wedding: You MUST meet them in person before you sign a contract. Sounds simplistic, but wedding professionals hear horror stories every day about brides and grooms hiring services sight unseen from the web. The web is, of course, a great tool. Print ads are convenient and descriptive. But because these are all personal services, and the people providing those services will make or break that perfect day, You have to speak with tem at length in person. There are no re-dos for weddings; either they get it right or they don’t.

This goes for everything from photographers and officiants to your dress, your hair, the photo booth, the entertainment and the venue and food. It’s not just about the surroundings or the quality of the food or service, you should connect with the people giving you service and get a good feeling about them. Are they courteous? Do they return calls or emails? Do they “get” what you want? Ultimately, Do you trust this person with your wedding? These are as important as the quality and price of their work. Do not be fooled by price alone, because the cheapest is sometimes not really the cheapest. But more than that, these are the people who will execute all your plans. So choose with care.

And one of the best ways to do that is shop at a bridal expo that has every vendor you need under one roof at the same time. This is a huge time savings over making individual appointments to interview multiple vendors from each category. And it’s why Bridal Expos are so popular with Brides.

The next Brides and Grooms Expo in the Northern Virginia Region will be held Sunday, August 7 from 12:00-4:00 p. m. at the Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston. Advanced discounted tickets are available:

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