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Making The Best Of Your Time With Bridal Expo Vendors

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Bridal shows are a great place to meet with multiple vendors, network and get ideas in one place, for your wedding day. Being prepared and allotting time to make a connection with vendors is key to making the most of your time at the show.

Before You Go

This step seems like the obvious, but you would not believe the number of people who attend an expo and quickly become overwhelmed with the energy and excitement. Only after they are home do they realize they did not get to meet the one person they wanted to! Take the time to read up about the vendors attending the show, their products and services. Compile a list of exhibitors that are important to you.

Connecting Takes Time – Plan On Staying The Duration

Most expos last four hours. Budget at least two hours at the show. You might have to wait to have a one-on-one conversation with a vendor of a product or services you are interested in. This is a great opportunity to listen to the discussions the people in front of you are asking. They may have questions and insight you had not thought of yet.

An Expo can take up the better part of an afternoon or evening, for a reason. Ask questions! Encourage your partner, parents and attendants to engage in the conversations. Ask about what is currently trending, ask to look at/taste samples, ask these professionals for advice and their dos and don’ts in planning a wedding. You will only have one wedding day – Vendors do many in a year! Even if a vendor has a product you are not interested in – don’t be shy – stop by and talk to them about ideas! Vendors network and collaborate on products every day. A vendor may not have what you are looking for – but he/she probably knows five people who do!

Collect Business Cards and Take Notes

Most vendors will automatically offer you their information. Things happen and sometimes a distraction or interruption prevents that moment. There is nothing worse than meeting with a vendor or seeing something you really want as part of your special day and forgetting to get their contact information!

It is not uncommon to see brides with notebooks taking notes and taping business cards inside notebooks. At minimum, get the business card from a vendor, write on the back of their business card what you liked and why. The latest trend between Brides and Grooms is they text or create a note from their phone to each other when they find a vendor they like.

Remember that this is an exciting time of life. You are planning the beginning of something wonderful! Don’t rush it. Taking the time to get to know vendors products and services will serve you better in the long run, and help make your dream day come true.

The next Brides and Grooms Expo in the Northern Virginia Region will be held Sunday, August 7 from 12:00-4:00 p. m. at the Holiday Inn Arlington at Ballston. Advanced discounted tickets are available:

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