Blooming Floral Bridal Portraits

Here is another amazing bridal portrait session for our blog feature this week. The colors in this session are absolutely amazing. This bouquet is so beautiful. Enjoy these photos by Kelly Czupkiewicz. Here is Kelly’s story about this session:

Whenever I’m doing portraits or weddings, I kind of always wish I had like 4 hours to just explore and play and experiment. This is usually not the case. I try desperately to carve out around 20 minutes of each wedding that I shoot for bridal portraits, and this has served me well – but I always just wish that magically at some point during the day I’m going to find like 2 spare hours and an apple orchard and be able to go nuts (future brides: take note).

I feel like at any given moment, I’m passively looking for spots that I would love to photograph. I’ll see this odd patch of wildflowers on the Garden State Parkway and think to myself ‘I would love to do photos there!’ Mostly this is totally impractical, but I do have some ideas and spots that I keep filed away in my brain for just the right circumstance.I made it a goal of mine for the month of April, to do a shoot simply because I wanted to do it.


Photographer:  Kelly Czupkiewicz//Floral Designer: Bayville Florist//Bridesmaid Store:ModCloth

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