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This multicultural wedding is super chic and just gorgeous! You will love these images by  The photographer shared some of the wedding day details with Brides & Weddings. Here is what she had to say:

Vasa is from Hawaii and Kourtney is a dance competitor and high school dance coach in Utah Valley. 2 years ago, Kourtney was visiting Hawaii with a few friends. One of her friends that lived there, invited all of them to a party. She remembers not being very impressed with this group of rowdy boys that were in attendance. Fast forward 2 years both her and Vasa downloaded Tinder and both swiped right on each other’s pictures. They planned to meet up very briefly on Utah Valley University’s campus because Kourtney wasn’t too sure about actually meeting a real guy, in person, from Tinder. Once they both got to the location, Vasa told Kourtney he was surprised it was her! He thought he was meeting her friend who was in a lot of pictures with Kourtney on Tinder and said “You need to change your pictures.” They started chatting and realized that they had met before 2 years earlier at the party in Hawaii and that Vasa was in the group of rowdy boys Kourtney was so annoyed by. Kourtney says “I must have changed over the 2 years” because there was a connection between them. 

After becoming friends and then dating, they went on a trip to Hawaii where Vasa proposed. Kourtney and Vasa’s wedding was full of so much laughter and happiness.

Vasa’s family and friends did a tour of dances from different Polynesian islands (New Zealand, Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa etc.) Vasa and his friends performed the Haka and Kourtney performed the traditional Taualuga dance for Vasa and planned a secret surprise dance with the drill team girls that she coaches. They had traditional Hawaiian food and it was all just so amazing!


Photographer:  C. Zolman Photography//Cake Designer:Cake Bliss etc.//Dress Designer: Elizabeth Cooper Design//Event Venue: Quiet Meadow Farm//Floral Designer: White Lily Lane

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