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Tyler and Jessica had the most beautiful wedding in downtown High Point on the fourth story of The Lofts at Union Square. They chose to emphasize the color orange to really make their fall-themed ceremony pop. Brides & Weddings had an opportunity to interview the bride to get some insight to her wedding planning, what her favorite detail from the wedding was and how she and Tyler met. 

The way Tyler and I met could only be fate. I say that because there were several opportunities where we could have met, but didn’t. Like back in high school where we went to rival schools across town from each other; both of us were in our schools band and were probably within sight of each other dozens of times, but neither of us knew the other existed. This becomes even more surprising when learning my mom and Tyler’s aunt are best friends. My mom and Tyler’s aunt, Carol, have worked together for years, and I knew quite a few of her family members, including Carol’s son, Ryan, who eventually introduced me to Tyler. Tyler and I also learned, after we started dating, that his mom, and my dad were classmates in high school. God had obviously been planning our relationship for much longer than we could have ever realized, and finally found the perfect time in our lives for us to meet. 

I was in my last week of graduate school at East Tennessee State in Johnson City, TN, when late one evening, my friend Ryan (who also happens to be Tyler’s cousin) sent me a message on Facebook. We talked about what was going on in our lives, but it wasn’t long before Ryan cut to the chase and told me about his cousin Tyler. Ryan convinced me to send Tyler a message that night, and we haven’t gone a single day without talking ever since. Fast forward through graduation, I move back home on a Sunday, start my first full-time job as an elementary school counselor on Monday, and have my first date with Tyler the following Saturday night. Our first date included dinner, and hours spent talking at a newly opened park in downtown Winston-Salem. 

When it was time to propose, about 10 months later, Tyler brought me back to that very same park where we’d had our first date. We had gone back to the park several times since we had been dating, so I wasn’t really thinking that he was going to propose. We sat and talked for a bit, and after about fifteen minutes he says he forgot something in the car and goes to get it. He brings back a box, and inside are mementos from different places we’ve been, and different things we’ve done together, like movie tickets, museum guides, birthday cards, and letters that I had written him over the past few months. While looking through all of the items I notice there is one letter I’d never seen before, and it was addressed to me. I open and read this sweet letter where Tyler tells me he’s waited for this moment for so long, and tells me how much he loves me. The last sentence of the letter says that he has an important question he wants to ask me, and when I look up from the paper he stands us both up, tells me how much he loves me, pulls a ring box from his back pocket, and gets down on one knee. Of course, I said “yes!” When we pull away from each other, I notice two people who are watching us from behind the structure we’re sitting under. Those two people start moving closer and I realize that they are two of my best friends who live in Indiana and Washington D.C. So not only did Tyler have the perfect proposal, he made sure that my friends were there to see and celebrate with us as well. Other than my wedding day, it was the best day of my life.

Brides & Weddings: What was your theme? What inspired you to pick that theme?

Tyler and I are both really big fans of the University of Tennessee football and so we both knew that orange would be a very prominent color in our wedding. It also just so happens that we decided to get married in the fall, which made using the color orange as the basis of our theme perfect. The rest came together because we really wanted elements of natural wood and rustic decor to complement the venue space and our favorite colors.

Brides & Weddings: Describe the dress you chose and the moment you knew it was the one.

When I went dress shopping, I had absolutely no idea what style of dress I wanted. I ended up going through every rack and choosing anything I thought I might like. The dress I chose was a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline. The top had beading down to the waist, and the bottom had lots of beautiful patterned lace with a small train. I knew it was the one because when I put it on it made me feel like an actual, real-life princess!

Brides & Weddings: What’s your favorite detail?

My favorite detail was the altar table that was a centerpiece at our ceremony. My dad built the table using trees from the back yard at my parent’s house. We now have that table set up in the foyer of our house.

Brides & Weddings: Describe your first dance.

We really wanted to choose a song that we hadn’t heard other couples dance to at previous weddings we had been to. We chose “When the Right One Comes Along” by the band Striking Matches and it was perfect. I was really nervous before the dance because I knew everyone would be watching, but when I looked at Tyler, my nerves were calmed and we were able to enjoy a sweet first moment together as husband and wife.

Brides & Weddings: Any advice for other brides & grooms?

Wedding planning is fun but it can also be stressful, try not to let it consume you and remember to take time away from planning to enjoy being engaged. The wedding will come and go before you know it, so enjoy those moments while they are happening.


Photographer:  Yasmin Leonard Photography//Event Venue:The Lofts at Union Square

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