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Billy and Sara’s engagement photos taken by MAK Photography are the perfect way to capture real love and the excitement of spending the rest of your life with your best friend. Their love story truly is one for the books.

In May of 2013, Billy and Sara decided to study abroad in Florence, Italy. As part of their study abroad program, students were able to take optional trips to London and Rome prior to arriving in Florence. Sara noticed Billy at Heathrow Airport in London because he was wearing a Bruins jersey (and Sara is a huge Blackhawks fan). Billy sat next to her when they waited for their flight to Rome, and he commented on on how “pink” all of Sara’s electronics were. That was the last of their conversation until they arrived in Rome. It wasn’t until Sara tried to find an Italian straightener that they really hit it off. Billy canvased the Roman streets with Sara on the search for a straightener that would be sufficient for Italian electricity, but they failed.

Once they got to Florence, they really hit it off and became inseparable where they would spend lunches, dinners and any time not in class together. Each morning, they would meet at a little Florence cafe for breakfast for croissants and orange juice, and walk to class together. Since Billy was in a History of Florence and an Art course, he took Sara to experience many of the Florence sites that she was unable to see in while in her classes. Their first “official” date was at the Golden View restaurant which overlooked the Ponte Vecchio. Sara and Billy became a couple while still in Italy, and were able to travel to Venice, Cinque Terre and many other Italian cities together. Finding love in Italy provided for a great start to their relationship since they could experience their time abroad together.

For a little over a year, Sara and Billy flew back and forth between Whitewater/Chicago and Washington D.C./Rochester to visit each other. Although it was tough, they knew that if they could survive a year apart, they could survive a lifetime together. A part of their hearts will always remain in Italy, but there isn’t a better country to fall in love. It may be hard to live up to meeting in Italy, but the proposal was equally as special. Billy and his family have been going to St. Thomas since he was a kid, so St. Thomas holds a very special place in his heart. In December 2015, Billy, Sara and their families all went to St. Thomas together, so Sara would be able to see the place that Billy loved.

Billy has always stayed in the Bolongo Bay area, so he has fallen in love with the beach. At night, on December 29, 2015, Sara thought that they were just going to their normal nightly adventure of Iggie’s for drinks by the beach. However, Billy told Sara that he wanted to explore the cliffs and rocks past the resort. Unfortunately, he could not get as far as he wanted, but he was able to get access to a deserted part of the beach. Once they were at a quiet spot, Billy dropped to one knee, where he told Sara there are two types of moments in life. Then he asked her to be his wife. Of course, she said yes!


Photographer:  MAK Photography//Reception Venue:Downtown Chicago

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