Surprise Indigenous-Style Engagement | Real Engagements

Sebastian knew that he wanted to make his proposal to Vasty something to honor her while also incorporating her family. On the day of the proposal, Sebastian and Vasty, along with her entire family, went to Atitlán Lake in Guatemala to spend a day at the small shops and have a little adventure. Just before sunset, the couple visited the hotel Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort and rolled in just as the sun started to turn the whole resort golden. As Vasty and Sebastian sat down at the restaurant, the sun started to set. It was at that moment that Sebastian asked Vasty to come upstairs to see the sunset from a better place — little did she know that he had an entire team set up rose pedals, candles and photos of the two of them. As she walked up the stairs to the third floor and saw the roses on the deck, she knew he was going to propose. The day was magical, the perfect day with perfect weather. This shoot goes to show that sometimes, the unplanned details can make everything all the more perfect.


Photographer:  Le Cape, Inc.//Accomodations: Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve//Cinema and Video: Le Cape Weddings

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