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Jordan and Krista met at the young adult service, The Project, at Millwoods Pentecostal Assembly in Edmonton. Jordan had started attending and slowly meeting many of Krista’s friends -eventually he met enough of them that it led to meeting Krista. It didn’t take long for the two of them to head out on their first date. Turns out it was the day after Jordan found out he got into a Medical School in the USA. They continued to see each other and seven months later had to say goodbye as Jordan moved down to Texas to attended the ROME program at University of North Texas in Fort Worth. In November Jordan was set to come home during American Thanksgiving which happened to be Krista’s birthday as well. Krista had a fake flight number from Jordan and was ready to pick him up then. Little did Krista know that Jordan had arranged to come home a day early and propose.

His brother Daniel, and his wife Noelle, had picked Jordan up at the airport and rushed him off to get ready. Jordan’s flight had been delayed and they were now tight for time! Daniel was in communication with Krista’s sister Amy telling her to stall Krista a bit if possible. Krista thought she was going to the Opera with Amy. She had asked her a couple months before to go as a detour and keep Jordan’s secret. They detoured to the Edmonton Legislature Grounds. Amy had said she and her husband, who do not live in the city, wanted to see the Legislature grounds as they were going to get couple photos done soon and their photographer told her to check it out as an option. As Amy was in the city and it was on the way they’d just make a quick stop. Krista was a bit anxious with the stop as she had been thinking that they were cutting it closer and closer with getting to the opera on time already, but walked up the steps of the building anyways when Amy had grabbed her purse out of her hands to get a picture of Legislature and said Krista might as well be in it. Not arguing to get done and get gone Krista marched up only a couple of steps in protest, not knowing Jordan was hiding behind one of the buildings big pillars! He walked down to Krista and got down on one knee! Krista was so surprised! After celebration hugs and a few pictures by their siblings Jordan took Krista to a beautiful restaurant where they continued to enjoy their special night. After their honeymoon to Great Britain, Krista also moved down to Texas where they are enjoying the heat and many visits from family and friends, and will continue to live until Jordan finishes his schooling.

Brides & Weddings recently interviewed Krista to get inside details on her wedding day & planning. She also gave other couples some very worthwhile advice!

I wanted to bring a sense of true vintage elegance to our day. Like many others my favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The paper hearts on the side tables were cut from a print out of the book. I wanted the day to be shaped by the timeless classic, but also have some personal touches and fun (like having an ice cream bar instead of the traditional cake …and our wonderful MCs knew this as well, as they surprised us with having planned a flash mob for us!). Many of the vintage items used hold meaning to me. A couple of them included Jordan’s mom’s antique rocking chair used as part of a display in the entrance hall, a couple of my late grandmothers tablecloths were used for display tables, and my dad and mom built that beautiful archway for behind the head table.

Brides & Weddings: Describe the dress you chose and the moment you knew it was the one. 

The dress has heavier ivory lace with a keyhole back and short sleeves. It was in the second store of the day and I was still thinking of one I had liked from the previous store. Once I tried the dress on the first words I said were “it’s different!”. It was the first dress I had put on and not only felt like “me” in but knew my sister was right when she said “that just feels like a you and Jordan dress”. I didn’t love every part of the dress and actually spent the next day fretting that I had made a mistake on such a big purchase, it only lasted the day though, and when I saw it again picking it up from the sore I felt silly for ever thinking that!

My favourite detail of the dress actually started out as my least favorite. It had pearls that hung off the sleeves and keyhole back. I remember the day I tried it on my mom and I talked with the associate about how I wasn’t sure about them and if they were removable. Looking back I don’t know what I was thinking! Those pearls quickly switched to what I love best!

We danced to Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley. I am a big Elvis fan and the song just seemed right. A timeless classic. As much as we felt awkward with so many eyes on us it was also a wonderfully peaceful moment within such a busy day that we got to look at each other and say “we’re married!”. We had the wedding party join us half way through the song as we felt we didn’t need a whole 3 minutes of just us swaying along the floor, and the bridal party appreciated that a whole song was not going to be dedicated just to them swaying alongside… it may also had something do with being able to get the party started sooner too!

Brides & Weddings: Any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Try ideas out. I did not like the thin darker shaded, ribbed belt that came with my dress but no wedding stores in my area sold just a plain ivory wedding dress belt. My mom had the idea to try Michaels. Sure enough there was a thick ribbon that matched! Two were sewn together to keep it from being transparent and that was what I wore! 

Don’t worry too much! I’m a detailed orientated person so being told this it didn’t sink in right away, but it wasn’t long before I discovered that every idea you have ever thought of when planning your future wedding changes completely when you are actually engaged with the reality of budget, availability of goods and services, and not only your time, but many other’s time and efforts as well, are involved. Know the key points you want to be included and build from there. 

Thank the people who helped as often as you can. Everyone. We had the most wonderful support team behind us and our day would not have been as detailed and perfect if it wasn’t for every one of their ideas our day would not have been so perfect. 

Having chocolate around at planning sessions doesn’t hurt either!


Photographer:  Shandro Photo//Bridesmaid Dresses:Davids Bridal//Floral Designer:Funky Petals//Other Location:St. Albert Grain Elevators

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