Crafting Beauty: ‘Natalie’ Eau de Parfum

To celebrate their talented mother Natalie Wood, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Wagner have created a fragrance inspired by a scent the actress wore for most of her life. The perfume was developed by the luxury private label and packaging expert Crafting Beauty and French fragrance house Mane.

The story started a long time ago, when child-actress Natalie Wood met movie legend Barbara Stanwyck while filming the movie “The Bride Wore Boots”. She immediately fell in love with Ms. Stanwyck’s perfume, and the actress generously gave Natalie a bottle as a gift. From that day on, Natalie Wood always wore the perfume, which became her signature scent.

Natasha Gregson Wagner and her sister were indelibly marked by their mother’s scent, which is still powerfully present in their sensory memories of childhood. Motivated by their deep appreciation and admiration for their mother’s style, the sisters knew they wanted to create a sophisticated, feminine fragrance with a signature note of gardenia. Natasha said: “We put a lot of love and attention into the making of this perfume, and it is our wish that you love it as much as we do”.

With offices in Paris and New York, Crafting Beauty provides a full service approach, from concept through design, production, to the delivery of the finished product, ready to sell. The firm, founded by Francois Damide in 2010, developed the decoration of the bottle, as well as the packaging, based on the ideas and vision of Natasha. To portray the image of a glamourous and elegant woman, Crafting Beauty chose a French weighty glass flacon, enclosed in a romantic soft-touch box. The 50ml bottle is a little curved cube featuring a heavy base, and topped with a transparent “diamond” cap. The final personal touch is the reproduction of Natalie Wood’s actual signature, appearing in gold on the bottle.

The fragrance, created by Claude Dir, master perfumer at Mane, is made of pure distilled essential oils and high-quality raw ingredients. The top notes are a heady blend of freesia, neroli, bigarade zest and rose. The heart notes are composed of lush gardenia, wrapped with orange flower, narcissus, jasmine and hyacinth. The base notes include fresh vanilla harmonies, soft woods and sheer musk.

Product namePackaging sizePrice

‘Natalie’ Eau de Parfum1.7 ounces / 50 ml$85.00*

The perfume is available exclusively on and will be launch in the spring at selected specialty and independent stores around the world.

*suggested retail price

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