Artis Elite Mirror Circle: Fooling Everyone with a New You for the New Year

New Year = new you. Now, you too, can fool everyone around you with a quick fix from @iluvsarahii and Artis Founder, Matthew Waitesmith! See below for details on the latest cosmetic trend, Focused Concealing, using the Artis Elite Mirror Circle 1R.

Focused Concealing Tips from Matthew Waitesmith:

Most people get carried away with adding concealer all over the place, when all they really need is a little concealing here and there. Select a small area for that little extra concealing and use a brush like the Circle 1R to apply product in a natural layer, finishing with a blended edge.

Perfect for focused areas, like under the edge of the brows, near the inside corner of the eyes, below the inner corner of the eye down along the orbital bone, beside the nose, or for any small spot, you can fool everyone to make blemishes invisible.

Even applying a whisper of concealer at the outside corners of the mouth can lift the look of your lips.


Get @iluvsarahii’s Look:

After applying a bold lip, I love cleaning up around the area to get a precise finish with concealer and the Artis Elite Mirror Circle 1R brush.

This brush also helps to apply makeup and concealer in other areas such as the under eyebrow, near the corner of the eyes, around the nose and on small blemishes.

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