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Jenna and Mason had an adorable farm wedding that was almost as cool as they are. They had wind chimes everywhere, four cats lazing around to play with, amazing views and sweet details that were all DIY by Jenna. This day was absolutely magical. We recently had an opportunity to interview Jenna about how she and Mason met, their wedding planning experience and their big day!

Well, we actually don’t remember how or exactly when we met. It was sometime in 6th grade. We grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone. We had a big group of friends and we ran in the same circles. One minute we were strangers and the next we were friends. We actually dated on and off throughout middle and high school. In 2008 we reconnected at 19 years old and something was different. I would like to tell you that we had grown and we were more capable of being serious, but honestly… we take each other seriously and that’s about it. He has a giant beard and a curly mustache, I have purple hair, he got me into video games, I got him into books, we cook together, own two spoiled chihuahuas, and Never stop talking and laughing. I will never stop wondering what I did right to deserve him and this life we’ve built. 

As far as the engagement goes… Oct 11, 2015 we had been together over 7 years and we were actually house hunting at the time. We went on a walk one day and we were discussing the future. How many kids we wanted, where we wanted to live, what kinds of things we were looking at for our future home, etc. I was cold and complained. I wanted to hurry our walk along so I could get back inside. He suddenly stopped and asked me if I was sure I wanted the future we had discussed. I said yes, I am absolutely sure and asked if we could go inside. He got down on one knee, pulled the ring box out, and asked. I started to cry and nodded because I couldn’t speak. He went to open the box and it was upside down. I started to laugh. Tears gone. And leaned over and righted the box. He laughed. I laughed. We hugged a lot. After 7 years he was still so nervous. It was always a yes.

Brides & Weddings: What was your theme? What inspired you to pick that theme?

Mismatch. More or less. We wanted bright colors and lots of flowers. Lots of sunshine and natural beauty. I chose this theme because I didn’t want to be the bride that got upset if the napkins were the wrong shade or something didn’t perfectly match something else. With this in place I knew anything could be changed or replaced, even last minute, and I wouldn’t have to be stressed out about the details.

Brides & Weddings: Describe the dress you chose and the moment you knew it was the one. 

Oh gosh. I swore up and down that it would take several shopping trips before I would make a choice. I was so wrong. I found my dress on my second shopping trip. We went to the bridal shop and it was a completely different experience from my first trip. They gave us mimosas and sat us down on a couch in a private room and asked me to describe what I was looking for. I didn’t pick anything myself. The woman brought me 3 dresses. The first dress I tried on was “the one.” Its a strapless sweetheart neckline. Ivory with a pale pink lace layer underneath that gives it some color. it has 6 layers of various laces and fabrics. The lace isn’t overpowering. Its soft and delicate.

There is a beautiful long train. Its so ridiculously poofy and huge, but light and airy and easy to manage. It was exactly what I had described to the woman helping me. I put it on and went out and stood in front of my MOH and another bridesmaid. The woman helping us asked if I was going to have a veil and I said I was unsure. Without any hesitation my maid of honor made up my mind for me, “put a veil on her. She needs a veil!” She did and I just started crying. I had been pretty detached during the dress process thus far. I didn’t want to make an emotion based decision on such an important thing. You only get one wedding dress after all. It should be the right one. In that moment I knew that was just my dress and I couldn’t help it. I cried. When you know, you know. I didn’t have a moment of regret afterwards. I felt absolutely beautiful in it.

Brides & Weddings: What was your favorite detail?

My cousin owns the farm we were married on. Her dog, a senior male 113lbs American Staffordshire Terrier named Kovul, was our flower girl. This beautiful big beefy boy wore a delicate flower chain around his neck and preceded me (along with my cousins husband) down the aisle. He was absolutely perfect. I don’t think I ever even considered letting a human child do the job. I jokingly said he should be our flower girl and it became a reality. Honestly before the ceremony I spent at least half an hour just sitting with him on their kitchen floor. My hair and makeup were done and I wasn’t allowed to lift a finger and it wasn’t time to get ready yet. So I just sat there petting the big guy and talking to him. I think hes a huge reason why I was so calm leading up to the ceremony. 

Brides & Weddings: Describe the first dance.

“I Got You” by Jack Johnson. The song is our version of romance. Growing together and relying on each other. We were both just so overwhelmed and happy. We spent a year planning this wedding and working to make it a reality. I think after the ceremony and after the pictures we just both felt so relaxed. The hard part was over and it was so worth every minute. We were both just beaming throughout the whole dance. I couldn’t stop smiling. We did a few spins and a dip. We didn’t step on each others feet (we practiced a lot.) It was just wonderful. 

Brides & Weddings: Any advice for future brides & grooms?

When you and your future husband/wife get into an argument about the wedding (and trust me you will) remember why you’re there in the first place. You love each other and you’re talking about committing yourself to them for the rest of your lives. Suddenly the napkin color or the cost of a photo booth isn’t a big deal. You will work it out. Everything will be fine.


Photographer:  EarthMark Photography

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