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This Aria wedding was incredible. With lush details and gorgeous decor, Lori and Justin had an inspiring celebration complete with couture wedding shoes, silver sparkle dresses and a bridal party that looked like they stepped right out of Vogue Magazine. Here is a little more about their special day from the bride herself:

Justin and I knew each other through my cousin who happened to be his good friend. I had known Justin for about 10 years prior to us actually connecting. We never had an interest in each other before a random night out we both happened to be out with our friends. He was out with the guys including my cousin and I was out with the girls. 

We happened to be eating dinner at the same restaurant and we were all discussing where we were going after dinner. At the time there was a local club called Sin City which was owned by a mutual friend so we all decided to go. It was at Sin City that we were all dancing and we both caught each others eye, which through me off guard as I had never been attracted to him physically and I never was a fan of his personality. He always came off as arrogant. I would always ask my cousin how they were friends, as my cousin was very outgoing and social and I felt that Justin was pretty reserved and quiet. his answer to me was that Justin was a great guy but he was “shy”. The end of the night came and he gave me his number. At first I was like I am not calling or texting him. But I think the alcohol gave me a little push to send a text. So I did. He responded. I was going to be leaving for a trip to China the following day, actually like 3 hours after I got home from Sin City, so I figured since I wouldn’t have cell service for the week and we wouldn’t be communicating that by the time I came back he would have lost interest. To my surprise the night I had landed back in the US I received a text from him asking if I had returned home yet and if I was going to be going out that weekend. I got really excited. However, I didn’t want him to know that (yet), so I played it off and told him that I wasn’t going to be around that weekend so I wouldn’t see him out. 

How serious could he be when he was currently in a relationship that was going through a rocky patch? Was he just seeking a side relationship with no intention on being serious? I was intrigued by him and my infatuation with him, so I continued to communicate with him via text. The weeks to come I would see him out and about with his friends. Each time my feelings grew, before we knew it the feelings were mutual. However, the beginning was a bit rough as he had to end his current relationship before we could move on. 

When we were finally out in the open everything fell into place. Most importantly our friends and family welcomed us as a couple. Without a doubt I knew that our love for each other was genuine and one that would withstand all obstacles life would throw us. 

We moved in together in 2013 and things continued to progress towards marriage. 

Finally the time came on November 15, 2014 when Justin asked me to marry him. If anyone knows Justin, they know anything he does is over the top! So his proposal was nothing short of a fairy tale.

I had left our condo that Saturday morning off to a dentist appointment and manicure. I received a video around 9 am, with him hold my 4 month old niece at the time in her nursery, letting me know he had a special day planned. He told me that he left me money in my glove compartment to go get an outfit and I had a hair & make up appointment at 2 pm. Another video would be sent later that day to tell me what else my day would entail.I honestly didn’t know what to think, the thought did cross my mind that he might be proposing, but I wouldn’t believe it until he was on one knee. I didn’t want to get overly excited and then it would be a bust if he didn’t. So I reached out to my sister right away asking if she knew what was going on as we initially had dinner plans with her and my brother in law. She obviously denied it, but I figured she had to know because she was the one recording the video. I did semi believe that she may not have known exactly as her and I are so close and how would he trust her not to ruin the surprise!

I went to the mall picked out an outfit and got my hair and make up done. While I was getting dolled up I received a second video telling me that I would be getting picked up at 5pm and he couldn’t wait to see me.

A car service picked me up in a black suburban and took me away. The whole time I had no idea where I was going or where Justin was. I had only talked to him via text to see if I could go back home, if he was going to be there, etc. I didn’t know at the time but he had prepared to leave that morning and get ready at my sister’s house so we would not see each other all day. 

About 20 minutes into the ride, Justin texted me to tell the driver that once we got to Milford beach he needed to park where we would park. Milford beach was a place we would occasionally go to for a walk, a run, a bike ride or just to sit and watch the sunset. So it had a sentimental meaning for both of us. At this point, I figured he was going to propose but yet I still played down the excitement. I got out of the car and I started to walk towards the beach and I think by the sound of where I was walking he knew I wasn’t going the way he wanted me to go. Though he couldn’t see me, he yelled you’re going the wrong way! Go the other way. So I had to turn back and go the way along the pathway. The pathway was illuminated with lantern bags. At the end of the pathway he was standing there waiting for me.

As I got closer, he asked how I was doing and trying to have small talk. When I finally reached him, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I obviously said yes of course! Right after I said yes, 2 people jumped out of the bushes behind us with cameras flashing, it was my sister and brother in law! I was so excited and thrilled that they were there for this special moment. Justin had then said to me, we are still going to go to dinner, but we are going to Capitol Grille in Hartford, is that ok? I said of course who cares where we go, I can’t wait to celebrate. I didn’t know at this point who knew and who didn’t. So I asked him if I should be texting and calling our family and friends, he said not yet. So I figured he wanted us to enjoy the moment and wait for all that until after dinner.

The car service took only him and I and my sister and brother in law drove their car. As we approached Hartford, Justin suggested that him and I grab a drink at Max Downtown before we went to dinner. So we did. From there we headed to Capitol Grille. The hostess lead us to a back room, where I was yet again surprised, with our closest family and friends to join us for dinner! Everything was so perfect from beginning to end that day. I could not ask for anything more. So much thought and planning went into this!

As for my ring… When Justin and I started to get serious and I knew one day we would be getting married, I started pinning ideas on Pinterest. I always knew I wanted something simple, a solitaire with a simple setting would be perfect as I knew I would want to be able to change up my wedding bands when the time came. I had shown him a few times styles that I liked, but I don’t think that he really paid any mind to it when I did. So when he started planning he knew he would need help from my sister. So she went into my phone when I wasn’t paying attention and took pictures of the boards that I pinned. Ironically the 1st ring I pinned was the ring he used as his inspiration for my ring. This meant alot to me as rings I had pinned were only pinned after our relationship had started, nothing previous to that. 

And now all the planning, preparation, and big day are all over. Some people say they are happy when their wedding day is over, however for us we wish we could do it again. All of it! Everything as perfect from beginning to end! Our photos have been phenomenal, which have helped in clearing up our blurred vision for the events of the day! We are looking forward to seeing our video!

Few key characteristics about us as individuals & together
Justin: has a great sense of humor, loves to play jokes on friends/family, has a big heart and never takes life too seriously. When I (lori) start to stress over things Justin reminds me that things will be ok and it is not the end of the world. He is always supportive and always very complimenting!

Lori: passionate, loyal, loving and dedicated. Always believed in “us”. I remind Justin that even though life should not be taken too seriously, that sometimes you do need be an adult and take charge. Pushing him to always better ourselves and set goals. 

Together we are HUGE foodies, love entertaining/hosting, are very playful, love working out together.


Photographer:  Airen Miller Photography//Cake Designer: Ana Parzych Cakes//Event Venue:ARIA Prospect ct//Bridesmaid Dresses: Donna Morgan//DJ:JFC Music Productions//Tuxedo and Mens Attire: JoS. A. Bank//Makeup Artist: Larissa Lake Makeup Artist//Paper Props: Respond If You Please//Design and Decor: Ruth Ridgeway Designs//Floral Designer:Ruth Ridgeway Designs//Apparel: The Plumed Serpent//Dress Store: The Plumed Serpent Bridal

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