Fairfax Marriott is for Lovers: LOVEwork Sign coming May 1-8

By Ashleigh Balsamo

LOVEwork Sign in Historic Manassas. Photo by Dawn Gardner.
LOVEwork Sign in Historic Manassas. Photo by Dawn Gardner.

The LOVEwork sign, a state-wide branding initiative designed to promote Virginia as a destination for lovers of all things the state has to offer, is coming to the Fairfax Marriott this May! With an additional focus on romantic lovers, Fairfax Marriott will be inviting hundreds of local wedding photographers and brides and grooms to the sign to capture their moments of love.

The campaign, which will take place May 1 through May 8, aims to excite the wedding community and showcase Fairfax Marriott as a key venue in the Northern Virginia wedding market. With over 1,200 wedding venues in the area and one in every 15 hotels in the world being a Marriott, Fairfax Marriot wants to highlight exactly what sets them apart: they are “a place that focuses on the love.”

“We believe that the most beautiful event décor is the smiles on your friends’ and families’ faces, the best music is the laughter that fills the room and the best food served is a meaningful meal for the bride and groom,” executive meeting manager Monica Blaze said. “We don’t boast over-exuberance, but we focus on true, real quality in all that we do.”

Couples are encouraged to come to the sign to shoot engagement photos, wedding photos and anything in between, and should contact Monica Blaze at monica.blaze@whitelodging.com or (703) 667-2101 to schedule a time. Get more involved by using the hashtags #LOVEVA and #FairfaxMarriott to spread the word — and the love!

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