Karité Shea Butter

This new skincare brand offers the far-reaching benefits of raw, unrefined shea butter sourced from Ghana. 

When three sisters from Ghana weren’t able to find a moisturizer that came remotely close to the raw shea butter they grew up using, they set out to create a shea butter product line themselves. Fortunately, one of these sisters is a dermatologist, which helped them achieve their goal of making a simple yet concentrated cream for all skin types. After spending four yearscurating and sourcing natural botanicals for their first formula, Karité Shea Butter was born—and they are thrilled to introduce Crème Mains hand cream.

Many moisturizers contain highly processed forms of shea butter in low concentrations. Karité uses a unique technology to produce a non-toxic product that blends raw, unrefined shea butter imported directly from Ghana with sustainably-sourced palm oil and organic coconut oil for maximum skin hydration and nourishment. In addition to unparalleled moisture from the high concentration of shea butter, this one-of-a-kind combination of natural botanical ingredients provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

Soothing and hypo-allergenic, Crème Mains is a decadent, anti-aging hand cream formulated specifically for the unique needs of the hands. Exposure to the elements, hand-washing and contact with household cleansers and chemicals all weaken the skin’s barrier, leading to dryness, chapping and even cracking. Rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E, Crème Mains hand cream helps restore moisture and reinforce the skin’s barrier while leaving skin smooth, plump and baby soft. Crème Mains is formulated with a limited number of ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin.

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