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From selecting quality ingredients to formulating cutting edge product with articulately crafted packages, every single facet of creating CAILYN products is dynamically engineered and meticulously processed. CAILYN represents an archetype of a stylish women, beautiful, independent, and confident about herself and her image in the world. As an innovative cosmetic company, CAILYN tires to produce innovative and stylish product with confidence of being ingenuity.

Cruelty Free – CAILYN offers non-animal testing products, certified by Leaping Bunny Org: As most of CAILYN products are formulated without petrochemical, phthalates, and other ingredients that may be harmful, there is no need to assess safety, efficacy, or environmental effects with excessive animal testing.

 V11 Total Care Serum: It’s 1 day game changer. It has Nobel prize winning ingredient, Fullerene and pure vitamin C 11%.
O! Triple Blusher / Highlighter / Shading Palette:
 Each palette has a trio of the pigmented and ultra-fine powders. It’s soft-satin texture, smooth and flawless. Use with Blending Duo Brush for a seamless application and natural luminous look.
O! Brush Series (O! WOW / O! WOW DOUBLE / O! CIRCLE / O! CURVE / O! 3 IN 1 EYE): These are an awe-inspiring and ergonomically-designed brushes. It’s a perfect companion with BB Fluid Touch Compact.

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V11 Total Care Serum0.5oz$58.00*

O! Triple Blusher / Highlighter / Shading Palettes10g each$26.00*

Blending Duo Brush $24.00*

O! WOW Brush1.1oz$32.00*

O! WOW Double Brush1.1oz$38.00*

O! CIRCLE Brush2.9oz$78.00*

O! CURVE Brush1.7oz$35.00*

O! 3 IN 1 EYE Brush0.3oz$24.00*

BB Fluid Touch Compact0.53oz$32.00*

Available at: / Spa & Salons

*suggested retail price

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