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Kelly and Brandon’s wedding day was filled with so much laughter, a few tears and a lot of dancing. They chose a stunning location, Nickajack Farms in North Lawrence, Ohio, that was remote and personal, allowing the night to truly be about and reflect who they are, intentional and beautiful. Brides & Weddings recently interviewed the bride to get the scoop on their amazing day!

We met through a mutual friend in college. I had a friend in the nursing program that Brandon went to high school with. She kept telling about this guy I had to meet and how he would be perfect for me. Not that long after we decided to just casually hang out, no pressure. We had a great time and continued to talk and get to know each other as friend, but nothing to serious. About six months of this I think we both just knew we wanted this to be more and it was all kinda history from there. 

We dated for 5 years before he proposed. He planned a date night at one of our favorite places, Gervasi Vineyards. He had gone the night before and talked to the restaurant and set everything up. He asked for a private, secluded table, their best waitress, and prepared the staff with a little box, a note and flowers to be brought out with desert. That night when we got there, I had absolutely no idea. In fact, when they brought desert out with a box and flowers, my first thought was “wow this place really goes all out with desert”. First I opened the note. Brandon had written me a note just talking about all the reasons we are perfect together (basically all the things that would make him get choked up if he had to say it out loud). Next I opened the box. Inside the box was a little picture frame with a question mark in it. After that he asked me to marry him, and obviously I said yes!

My theme was Rustic Glam. I really liked all the natural wood that the venue featured but I have never thought of us as rustic or country people, so I wanted to dress it up with some softer, more elegant pieces and a lot of organic greens.

My wedding dress was a classic ball gown silhouette completely covered in a beautiful, vintage inspired lace. I honestly never thought I would wear a ball gown on my wedding day, but everything felt right when I put this one on. I didn’t try on many, but when I put this one on I was completely comfortable and confident. I felt like it hit me in all the right places and I would be able to enjoy my night and not worry about being uncomfortable in my dress.

I think the best advice I can give brides is to not get so caught up in the details that you lose the big picture. This day is about your friends and family coming around the two of you to celebrate. Make your wedding day about each other and allow it to reflect the hearts and personality of who you are together.


Photographer:  Olivia D. Wenger Photography//Floral Designer: Bouquet Studio//Dress Store: Doreen Leaf Designs//Event Venue: Nickajack Farms//DJ: On the Mic Entertainment

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