Eye Makeup: Make Those Peepers Pop!

Spring has sprung, it’s finally heating up outside and that means it’s time for some new eye makeup inspo to shake up your usual routine — hooray! Whether you’re after a twist on the classic smoky-eye or looking to stun on Saturday night, here are the latest tips and tricks on how to make your eyes centerstage.

Prep is everything!
In order to make your look go that extra mile, preparation is key. Make sure you’ve cleansed, toned and moisturized so that your skin can evenly absorb your makeup products of choice. Many people underestimate the need for prep products, but it’s best to start with a primer to combat shine and create a smooth base for foundation.

Good foundations
With so many options on the market, from subtle BB creams to foundations which give you 24h coverage guarantee, you need to find to right foundation for you. Think about your skin type (oily, combination, dry) and the look you want to create- the base needs to be one that can get you through day and night without any blips! Seal the deal: put a few dots of concealer on the inside corners of your eyes and around any dark circles below your eyes-tap the concealer to blend it in.

Night Fever
Want to spice up your usual evening look? 2017 is set to be all about the blues, browns, and pinks, but how can we make that work for everyone? Eyeshadow palettes are often the go-to product for the best colour combos, but with so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin… The best way to make your eyes stand out is to find the opposite shade to your eyes on the colour wheel: blues and golds for brown eyes, pinks and violets for green eyes and bronze for blue eyes.

Brown Eyes
Flaunt an electric-cool vibe using a thick layer of cobalt blue eyeliner on the upper lid to highlight brown eyes and darker skin. Want a change from the usual smoky look? Duo pastel eyes is the new hype! Try a shimmery light blue shadow on the inner eyelid and bold orange shadow on the outer lid, taking care to keep the rest of the look simple.

Blue Eyes-Bronze it up!
It’s often mistaken thought that blue and purple shades are the best look for blue eyes, but they can often make them look washed-out as it’s difficult to get the right undertones. Although it sounds odd, orange is the best colour for blue eyes to really make them pop. Why not try the duo look above by substituting blue on the inner lid for orange and swap the outer shade for this season’s brown tones…channel your inner bronze goddess! Remember to keep the rest of your makeup minimal for these bold colours to avoid looking overdone.

Green Eyes
Ever wonder why Irish eyes are always smiling? Pink makes for a great contrast for green peepers this season. Try blending lighter and darker shades for a dramatic effect. If pink isn’t your thing, then the duo combination of lilac on the inner corner of the eye with a darker plum shade on the outer corner works wonders!

Last but not least…
Volumizing black mascaras work best for emphasizing your look, but if you’re feeling daring, why not try a colour mascara to contrast the eyeshadow of choice? Once you’ve nailed your eye-look, try a clear gel mascara or a brow kit to keep those eyebrows in check and you’re ready to go!

Text: beautypress.com

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