An Urban Oasis for Melissa and Graham

Melissa and Graham chose the beautiful Untermyer Gardens in the city of Yonkers, just minutes north of New York City for their wedding ceremony. The Hudson river scenery, combined with the vibrant colors of the garden vista and the brilliant symmetry of architecture, created an enchanted setting.

Untermyer Park’s walled garden is one of the leading public parks in the country when it comes to aesthetic beauty and elegance. It offers stunning landscape architecture with its unique “rock garden” and “sundial garden” attractions.

The centerpiece of the park is the “Temple of Love”, which stands atop a rocky cascading waterfall. Melissa and Graham chose the setting because they felt it reflected the love and devotion they have for one another.

Melissa’s gossamer silk gown complimented with a long-veil tiara was a perfect fit for the airy ease of the garden setting, while Graham’s tapered suit conveyed casual elegance. The sun’s reflection of the landscape’s hues created the perfect backdrop for family and friends to share in the celebration the couple’s union.

For their reception, Melissa, Graham and their guests headed to Brooklyn to one of their favorite spots, Night Of Joy Bar, where they celebrated with a special toast for a life filled with joy and love before they danced the night away!

Melissa & Graham’s wedding was unique in it’s combination of urban and natural settings which reflected the couple’s fun and quirky style!

Photographer:  Intothestory//Other Location: Untermyer Park and Gardens//Cinema and Video: INTOTHESTORY//

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