(Gates Miller, Hannah Rose Gray Photography)

Don’t Step on Anyone’s Toes

By Deborah Joy Black

(Gates Miller, Hannah Rose Gray Photography)

Excited about rehearsing that new “first dance” choreography you learned but have no room to practice? For about $10 an hour you can practice in one of the many professional studios around the area. Here are some tips to help ensure a pleasant environment and allow you to feel comfortable practicing in the studio.

  • If space allows, dancers should set up speakers and use mirrors at opposite corners of the studio; once all four corners are full, fill in the middle sections. Rent space during non-peak hours (anytime before 6:00 p. m.) if you are practicing tap or flamenco, drumming or other loud percussive dances.
  • Use earphones — especially if you need to play music loudly or nonstop and when directly next to ongoing lessons. Be mindful of volume levels and speaker location/angle. Turn your music off when not dancing to minimize the overall noise in the room.
  • If you are beside a privacy/noise-dampening curtain, assume that your neighbors expect you to use it or switch places so they can take advantage of this amenity. Check with the office about  if/when the curtain can be used. Ask permission before adjusting the teaching environment.
  • Due to the close and direct contact nature of the dancing, use sanitizer or wash hands frequently. Don’t leave your belongings around the studio to “save” a space indefinitely. Let your neighbors know when you plan to return.

By using common sense and good etiquette, you’ll create a fun practice environment. Remember, successful practice will help you shine in the wedding day spotlight.

Deborah Joy Block is the owner of The Wedding Dance Specialists. To learn more about wedding dance bootcamps and lesson packages, visit theweddingdancespecialists.com.

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