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Tips for Drama-Free Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

by Lisa Beth Miller

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and family members, right?  Then you need to be sure that being your bridesmaid is a happy experience!

Every bride has a dream for her big day, but there are definitely ways to make your vision and your bridesmaids’ comfort level combine flawlessly!

Step 1: The color should be the bride’s choice. The hue selected for the dresses will set the tone for flowers, groom accessories, invitations, table linens, and the cake. Most girls can wear a flattering shade of most colors and look completely presentable. Neutrals and medium tones are easiest to wear, but pastels are workable in summer months for most complexions.

Step 2: Dress length should be based on the formality of the event and the bride’s preferences.

Step 3: Dress style is the area where the bride should work with her bridesmaids. If there are just a few, bring them all along on the shopping trip! It is perfectly acceptable for your girls to get different styles of dresses in the same color and fabric! Let the girls pick styles they feel pretty and comfortable wearing! Trust us, your pictures will look fabulous (and your bridesmaids will be SMILING)!

Step 4: Shop in boutiques that offer personalized service! Especially important to your bridesmaids are group discounts (who doesn’t LOVE bargains?), expert alterations, and fun accessories! Be picky!

Step 5: Don’t stress too much about matching shoes! Give your girls simple instructions such as “silver strappy sandals” or “black heels”.  Girls know shoes, and they know what they can handle wearing for an entire day!

Step 6: When things get stressful, remember that being a bridesmaid is supposed to be FUN!

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