Go For Natural Beauty With Organic Products

Whether it’s facial, body or hair care, organic products are gaining in popularity. Organic raw materials, sustainable sourcing and ecological thinking are a healthy trend for you and for the environment.  But what standards must be met for a product to be deemed “organic” and what advantages do they have over traditional products? This week, we get a little closer to answering these questions and others you may have before you try going organic.

So, what defines “organic”?


Although the term “organic cosmetics” has no official legal definition, the products still must meet certain specific requirements. First, they aren’t tested on animals. Next, their ingredients come from sustainable and fair trade raw materials of natural origin. Lastly, organic cosmetics are generally free of additives such as paraffins, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils and synthetic preservatives.

Are organic cosmetics better than conventional cosmetics?

Organic cosmetics bring several benefits at once. For example, many herbal products are more suitable for sensitive skin. The quality of the ingredients is generally very high. And if you’re unhappy about the use of hormone-based ingredients in conventional products, organic cosmetics refuse to use these.

Can organic cosmetics cause allergies?

The risk of allergies is higher in people who are sensitive to certain natural ingredients. For example, the use of essential oils can be an issue. However, natural products are generally well tolerated by our body. As with anything you consume, check labels for ingredients you may have a reaction to.

What do you need to know when switching to organic products?

Sometimes the skin needs a little time to adapt to natural substances. Irritations or impurities may occur when switching to organic products. Usually, these skin reactions disappear two to six weeks after the first application. If not, you may have an allergy. Discontinue use and consult a physician.

What about the sustainability of herbal cosmetics?

In general, organic products are more conducive to the formation of microorganisms that cause their deterioration. Those who use natural cosmetics should follow these rules:

  • Respect the expiration date
  • Use a product as soon as possible after opening
  • Store at room temperature
  • Protect from direct sunlight

Hopefully, we’ve answered some of your questions about organics so you can explore the latest products and find healthier options for your body and the world around you.

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