Jimmie and Nina’s Surprise Beach Proposal

When Nina showed up for her date with Jimmie, she had no idea that he was about to pop the question. Jimmie had arranged for Bridget from Bridget Magee Photography to come along so she could capture the moment when he asked Nina to be his wife. Though Nina was a little confused by Bridget’s presence, Jimmie said he just wanted to get some nice pictures of the two of them and Nina thought that was a lovely romantic gesture. Little did she know, Jimmie and Bridget had planned the perfect moment for him to pop the question.

Nina is a ballet dancer, and when Bridget suggested she strike her favorite ballerina pose for a photo, she spun around in a perfect pirouette only to find Jimmie down on one knee, holding a ring. Of course, she said yes and in an instant the couple’s casual photo shoot turned into an engagement photo session. We just love surprises and from the look on Nina’s face, so does she!

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