Sleek, Shiny, Perfectly Scented Hair

Nourish your hair and add delightful, long lasting fragrance in just one spritz! Your wedding day is like a marathon for your hair. From first looks to sparkler send-off, your hair goes from inside to outside and back, pictures, dances and dips. Why not give it a little boost of fragrance and shine with J.F. Lazartigue’s nourishing hair perfume?

In two distinct fragrances derived from natural plant essences, this product can be used anytime on either damp hair before styling or on dry hair. Use as a finishing styling tool or throughout the day. Spray as often as you need!

The exquisite scents of this Haute Couture line, Les Soins d’Exception, have been created to give your hair the best. The “Bancoulier” fragrance is sensual and voluptuous, with hibiscus flowers acids, an excellent ingredient for shine and brilliance, and a rich cacao extract, while the “Tea” fragrance is delicious and delicate. It also contains Hibiscus flowers acids, and adds a moisturizing tea extract. Both provide light hold for your style.

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