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Goodi and Zac’s Hippie Tree Hill Engagement Shoot

Zac knew he wanted to surprise Goodi by proposing at Hippie Tree Hill, an iconic spot just north of their home in San Francisco. But when they arrived it was so crowded that Goodi, having no idea what Zac had planned, suggested they leave and visit the tree and its famous swing another time. Zac would not be deterred. He had a mission and he intended to complete it! He talked his love into staying a while longer and found a secluded spot. The two were walking, taking in the stunning views of the bay, when they came across a small tree. Zac told Goodi that he needed to stop. He had a rock in his shoe. When he bent down to free himself of the “rock”, he pulled out the “rock” he’d been waiting all day to give to his girl. He asked her to marry him right there and, of course, she said yes!

When the two were thinking about engagement photos, Hippie Tree Hill was the natural choice. They went back to the very same spot where Zac proposed, then they got a chance to take some photos on the swing and even headed down to the bay for some waterfront shots. Congratulations Zac and Goodi!

Photographer:  Kathryn Lewis Photography//Location:Hippie Tree Hill

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