Makeup Trends For Your Fall Wedding Look

Planning to get hitched this fall? Or just rocking an awesome bridesmaid style? Put your best face forward with the latest tips and trends from Autumn is fast becoming the most popular season for celebrating nuptials, whether you’re the bride, the maid-of-honor or that guest that always gets the dancing started, you’ll want to look your best this fall. The folks at Beauty Press have put together a handy list of the top trends that’ll keep you in the know straight through to winter!

Trend: Natural Brows
Must have: a brow pencil or kit

Naturally full brows are the single most important part of our makeup routine this autumn! Whether you have thick, groomed brows a-la Cara Delevigne or more like those of 60’s fashionicon Twiggy. Carefully apply a brow pencil with sharp but short strokes where hairs normally grow. Choose a color lighter than your natural hair color to correspond with the tint of the brows. The great thing is that you can substitute a brow pencil with an eyeliner self-sharpening pencil – the effect will be just as good, and the difference –totally unnoticeable!

If you have full brows already, all you need to do is tweeze the excess hairs around the brow and brush them in their natural direction. Finally, finish off with a colored or clear brow gel to get that glossy groomed eyebrow look, and keep them fixed for the whole day.

Trend: Golden Girl
Must have: yellow eyeshadow or gold glitter

This Fall there is one pop of color we will be seeing everywhere. Just like Dorothy and Toto follow the yellow brick road to get to the Wizard of Oz, we are off to follow the yellow make-up trend! Whether it’s a bright yellow eyeshadow or glittery gold on the lids, it’ll leave its mark in the beauty books. How to apply the must-haves? Yellow shadow is usually highly pigmented, so it’s very important to prime the lids before applying for long lasting wear. To pick up the gold or shimmery product more easily, make sure to spray the brush with some fix setting spray and gently apply on the lid to avoid shadow falling under the eyes.

Trend: Matching Lips and Nails
Must have: lipstick and nail art kit

A fresh, bare face can go a long way this fall, whether at home, in the office or just going for a walk in the park. But to add a bit of edginess, the one trick is to match your lip and nail design. Just like on a clean canvas, the bold lips will be the pop of color. Some of the most popular lip artists on Instagram, for example, turn their lips into marble, gold or even create a dripping ombre effect, only by using lip makeup products and a thin brush.

Bonus Trend: accentuate all natural facial features

Freckles, dimples, moles – they’re a must-have this fall! Apply a light foundation and erase around those spots with a cue tip to reveal them. Celebs are even doing it too. Remember Megan Markle at her dreamy Royal Wedding to Prince Harry in May? She was rocking her natural freckles and looked effortless and radiant.

Fall 2018 promises a variety of colors, not only in fashion, but also in makeup. Natural or a bit more glamorous, it is all possible, if you have the right products and follow our beauty tips!


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