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How to Plan an Amazing Bridal Shower

by Lisa Beth Miller

Photo by Emily Suzanne Harris Photography

Bridal showers are a traditional and fun part of any bride’s wedding preparations.

The typical shower involves a ladies’ luncheon and lots of shower gifts, but some hostesses are going the extra mile and come up with more creative and interesting ideas for their parties. Here are a few ideas to make things both fresh and fun.

Go retro! Ok, maybe you like the typical formula for an old-school bridal shower. Go with it! Plan lots of fun games, serve retro cocktails (whiskey sours, anyone?), and serve classic appetizers like meatballs and mini-quiches. Looking for a place to purchase the perfect bridal shower games or favors? Check Etsy for some unique options!

Go somewhere fun! Bridal showers do not have to be held in Mom’s living room! A restaurant or country club can offer a “mini-getaway” for the guests. Another idea is to do a spa trip, visit a winery, see a show, tour a museum, or even visit a fun outdoor attraction like a zoo. All of these offbeat locations will usually offer space to accommodate your gathering once the activities are over.

Photo by Emily Suzanne Harris Photography

Learn something new! Everyone loves to learn something new, but few people actually make the time to do it. Why not incorporate a learning activity into your shower plan? Your friends could learn to scrapbook from a pro, learn to mix your wedding’s signature drink from a bartender, learn new recipes from a chef and cook a meal together, or even do flower arranging or calligraphy. Be creative and give shower guests a new skill.

Bring your best dish! Potluck parties may sound like a dull idea, but if every guest brings her best dish and provides the bride with the recipe (and maybe the wine that best goes with the dish, or some kitchen tools to help her make it), everyone will have an amazing time.

Regardless of what style of shower you are planning, just be sure everyone knows what is planned so they can dress appropriately.

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