Megan and Jordan’s Adventure Loving Engagement

by Amy Serrago

Megan and Jordan met through mutual friends in their hometown of Traverse, MI. They instantly bonded over their shared passion for adventure and the great outdoors. They began dating in 2014 and as their relationship grew so did their adventurous spirit. Anniversaries and special occasions are spent on activities like sky diving and white water rafting. Even their proposal story is adventurous.

One holiday season, Megan was on a trip to New York City with her mom to attend her sister’s college dance recital when Jordan surprised her in Zucotti Park. Megan thought she was heading to the park because there was a lighted display of Christmas trees where they could “take pictures of the dancers after their last show.” But when she arrived, Jordan emerged from behind the biggest tree. Megan was floored. She was so shocked to see Jordan there that she barely let go of him long enough for him to pop the question. Of course, she said yes! Then more of their family members appeared. Jordan’s parents, Megan’s dad and brother and several close friends had all made the trip. Turns out, they had helped arrange the whole thing! Since spending time with family and friends is another of their favorite pastimes, the whole group spent the next few days exploring the city and celebrating the newly engaged couple. What an adventure!

Apparel:Francesca's Boutique//Photographer: Exposures by Rah

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