Kruti and Mithil’s Chic Soho Engagement Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Kruti and Mithil met through a mutual friend while they were both in med school in Chicago. Mithil was immediately attracted to Kruti, but his attempt to ask her out didn’t go so well. At least he got her to accept his FaceBook friend request! Medical school kept them both very busy and they drifted apart, but two years later their paths crossed again. Mithil stumbled upon Kruti’s profile on an online dating site and thought “why the hell not?”, so he sent her a message. Their mutual friends encouraged them to go on a real date and they hit it off immediately. After graduation, the pair ended up in different parts of the country for their residencies, but they didn’t let long distance stop them. It was the Fourth of July when Mithil finally popped the question on a candlelit rooftop in Manhattan. Mithil says he and Kruti can’t wait to celebrate the events of their “big Indian wedding” with their friends and family.  They’ve set the date for 2020, when they’ll be finishing their residencies and ready start their lives together as husband and wife. We can’t wait to see the pics from this adorable couple’s wedding. Congratulations Kruti and Mithil, happy planning!

Other Location:Soho//Photographer: J. Stud Studio

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