Shadae and Tay’s Stylish Chicago Engagement Shoot

by Amy Serrago

Shadae and Tay dated long distance while she finished graduate school in Houston. He stayed in Chicago. Knowing that her circle of friends and family is incredibly important to her, he included them in his engagement plan. Tay traveled to Houston to see Shadae receive the MBA she had worked so hard for, but that wasn’t all. He had a plan. After the ceremony, he waited in the lobby with her family and friends. When Shadae got there she heard one of their favorite songs playing. Then she saw Tay, holding up a poster board with writing on it. He had several and as he scrolled through them the words let Shadae know how he felt. Shadae says she was in total shock, but once Tay “swooped down on that knee” it was clear that he was asking her to be his wife. She remembers hearing the words “will you marry me” and through tears of joy she said yes!

Their engagement shoot took place on a perfect afternoon in their hometown, Chicago. Shadae was gorgeous in her blue off-the-shoulder look and Tay was dashing in his jacket and bow tie for the first half of the shoot. Passersby even stopped to congratulate them and comment on how incredibly adorable they are as a couple! But we are just in love with the cool T-shirts they had made for the more casual shots. Their last names are a perfect play on the classic 90s sitcom “Martin” starring Martin Lawrence. His character’s name was Martin Payne. Shadae’s last name is Martin and, you guessed it, Tay’s is Payne! The shirts’ styling is exactly like the logo for the legendary show. So cute!!

Other Location: Millennium Park//Apparel:Levi's//Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star//Photographer: Emily-Melissa Photography LLC

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