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Should I Buy a Wedding Album?

By Rob Jinks

A few years ago around Christmastime, my grandmother brought out the album of photos from her wedding in 1958. This album had rounded corners, gold page decoration, and thick pages inlaid with photos. It wasn’t your typical modern wedding album.

Today’s albums offer a huge range of options, namely full page printing without a gutter between pages, and clean flat spreads no matter where you open the book. I love being able to see a crisp client album, sometimes up to 24 inches wide, and see a beautiful image in a way that no computer monitor or tiny phone screen can display.

But what I loved about my grandmother’s wedding album and what I love about the albums I am able to provide to my clients are the stories. My grandmother didn’t just show me photos – she used them as an opportunity to share stories with me. Stories about our family, stories about people who had passed away, stories about that time in history, stories that could not have been as easily told without an album. Photos are a way to preserve memories and albums are one of the best ways to share them.

My primary goal as a wedding photographer is to capture authentic, beautiful images so that those memories can be re-lived and shared for generations to come. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is the start of something incredible, the establishing of a new family and the beginning of a legacy that lasts for many generations. While digital images are incredible, easily shareable, and wonderful for archiving long-term, I firmly believe that there is nothing that can compare with the impact of physical printed images and an album of photos that tells your story. Not many people remember to dig into their computer hard drive or find that long-lost thumb drive to look through their wedding photos. But albums that sit on a coffee table, that are visible on a bookshelf, these cause us to pause and remember. By having an album, kids will get to know their family history and parents can easily remember their love.

So when it comes to your wedding budget, consider leaving room for a wedding album. You have probably heard that when the wedding day is over all you have left is the people and the photos, so you should have great photos. I encourage people to go one step further and make sure you have a great way to experience those photos, and the best way I know to do that is with a wedding album.

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